Hobart meat slicer – Should you buy it?

Hobart meat slicer is an automatic best meat slicer that is motor operated. It runs on two different speeds. There are many models of Hobart meat slicers to choose from and they operate quite smoothly. The knife used is clean cut and the controls are mounted on the front. The product is not hard to use and is going to be a wonderful addition to the kitchen. I think restaurants will be able to save a lot of time and effort with this meat slicer. If you have a large family then this slicer will help you out quite a lot. Going to the store to buy sliced food for an occasion Best meat slicer can be such a hassle. It is so much more convenient for you to have a slicer right at home that will process food perfectly. The slicer is an asset and will start paying for it sell soon after you buy it. Its not just meat you can slice up, Hobart meat slicer works on all sorts of food. Personally I think this product is worth buying. But why Hobart meat slicer when there are so many other meat slicers in the market? The reasons why I believe Hobart meat slicer is a great buy for those who love meat and love to cook are mentioned in this article.

Important factors that make Hobart meat slicer the best to buy.

What makes a slice a great slicer? Will, first of all it should be powerful. Having a powerful motor is the fist sign that the meat slicer is a good product and worth the money. It should be able to cut through all sorts of food with ease. Hobart meat slicer has a very powerful motor and slices through all kinds of food swiftly and cleanly. Hobart meat slicer makes use of a magnificent blade. The cuts are made with great precision. What comes out of the slicer looks very professional and is worth being served in a fine restaurant. The controls enable you to make thick slices and really thin ones too. You will easily be able to judge the thinness with your eyes. Hobart meat slicer does a magnificent job at slicing in a wide rage of thicknesses. The next thing that has to be considered is how safe the meat slicer is. Hobart meat slicer has been used by a lot of people who claim that the product is quite safe to use. It is not at all hazardous in any way. There is no chance of the blade slipping. It is held in firmly. There is very little to do other then putting the input into the controls and then taking out the food that has been sliced. The last thing that should be considered to evaluate the quality is the speed of the process and the ease of usage. Hobart meat slicer has a very user friendly interface that any one learn to use instantly. The slicing process is really fast too. Overall this product is perfect. It is really worth buying. Hobart meat slicer is a highly recommended product that deserves a place in all kitchens.

Why you should pick Hobart meat slicer

Hobart meat slicer has been compared to other products through vigorous testing. It has been seen that Hobart meat slicer can do what ordinary slicers cannot. The slicers were tested using many different types of food including pepperoni, cucumbers, bell peppers, mozzarella cheese and artisan bread. The evaluation process considers the user friendliness, precision and safely. There are many factors that after taking into consideration reveals Hobart meat slicer to be one of the best meat slicer out there in the market. It has all the best qualities of a top notch meat slicer should have. The price is resalable for the quality of the product. You will really enjoy using it. Hobart meat slicer is definitely worth buying.

Three of the most customer reviewed meat grinders on Amazon

There are many meat grinders on the market and their quality greatly varies. So how can you know if the meat grinder you wish to purchase is reliable and of good quality? Well, by reviews or course. Customers who have tried a particular product will leave a review on the item in question detailing whether they thought the product was worth the purchase as well as how good it preforms. If you’re looking for a meat grinder, but want to know exactly what to expect from it, then here are three meat grinders with the highest customer reviews on Amazon. Purchasing any one of these then you will surely know what you are getting.

Sunmile SM-G31 ETL Meat Grinder

Best meat grinder
SM-G31 Meat Grinder

This grinder has a total of 322 customer reviews and has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. It is an 800W heavy duty meat grinder with an easy On/Off switch perfect for home use for that inner chef. The Sunmile grinder is able to grind up to 150 lbs. per hour with ease. This product comes with a detachable aluminum tube, steel cutting blade, and screws. As well as various other accessories to aid your cooking needs like their stainless steel cutting blade and cutting plates, 3 different types sausage attachments, and a plastic pusher. Many past reviews have raved about it’s easy set up and easy to clean accessories.

STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF Megaforce Grinder

Best meat grinder
Electric meat grinder

The Megaforce grinder by STX has approximately 370 customer review and is rated 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. It features a patented air cooling system with a motor wattage of 3000 W and 3 different speeds. The product comes with tempered steel grinding plates, stainless steel cutting blades, sausage tubes and kubbe attachments. It comes with a 1 year warranty where they will fix or replace any parts for you guaranteed. This grinder is heavy duty and is versatile.


Best meat grinder

The Turboforce grinder is almost identically to the STX Megaforce grinder. The difference is this grinder is the most reviewed meat grinder on amazon with 939 customer reviews and is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars. On Amazon it is listed at #1 under Meat Grinders. The Turbo force features 3 Tempered Steel Grinding Plates for fine, medium, and coarse meats, 3 Stainless Steel Cutting Blades, 3 Piece Set of Sausage Tubes. It comes with a 1 year warranty as well. They will fix or replace any parts for you guaranteed. This grinder is known for it’s grinding speed. Many customer reviews have said they were thoroughly surprised to see how fast the machine can grind thawed meat. This machine is perfect for any home butcher who want to grind up some meat quickly and efficiently.

When looking for a product always remember to look at reviews from other customers who have purchased that item. It could help you know what you are buying and to expect and quirks the product may come with. Always look for reviews that are large in quantity so you have a better idea of what different individuals may have experienced when using that product. These meat grinders are the most reviewed meat grinders on amazon and one of them is even listed at #1. Be safe and knowledgeable while shopping, customer reviews will surely help you on through.

How to buy the best meat grinder on amazon – things to consider

There are a variety of meat grinders in the market and to procure them you need to keep the following points in mind.

  • The processing speed is good.
  • The blades are made of stainless steel.
  • Need to consider what materials are used.

    Best meat grinder
    SM-G31 Meat Grinder
  • How easy you could dismantle them.
  • Do not forget to check out if it will tarnish or discolour.
  • The quality of blades like whether it could chop finely or not.
  • What are your needs.
  • How often do you need to process.
  • Electric grinder to ease the work.
  • Have quality handle that it does not deform.

Bearing the above in mind you could review the following points to procure according to your budget as well.

a) Heavy duty : If you are always having parties regularly and have to cater to sausage interested people then you would need to think about having a heavy duty meat grinder having large chute to be able to chop large chunks of meat, either semi-frozen or frozen. Besides, the meat must not get clogged or jammed up. Ensure that all the parts like the grinding blades, holding tray are made of stainless steel. Mostly if it is electrically operated, verify if the motor is high enough to force the meat through the feeder and into mincing unit. Check out if there are different grinder blades. The maintenance is not difficult as the parts can be disassembled for wash with brushes provided and also high speed spray water to clean the corners.

b) Medium duty: Having to make occasional processing requires a medium range of motor if electric operated that replaces the traditional manual meat grinder. You could process only small pieces of meat. Most of the appliances are provided with aluminium feed tube and meat tray. You could do processing up to 6 pounds of meat approx. the only disadvantage is if the gears are made of plastic it could strip off after prolonged use or heavy use. For washing the parts it can be removed easily and keeping separate tray for small parts is essential.

Best meat grinder
Electric meat grinder

c) Light duty: It can handle vegetable mincing and light duty meat mincing chores. These light weight units have grinding plates of high grade plastic and stainless steel cutting blades. As the unit is to be fastened to the base strongly it should have provision to secure well and handle should be strong enough that it does not deform due to forced grinding. There are models that works on suction cup mechanism to secure to the base. Some models are provided with solid metal handles and plastic is of food grade. The storage of this unit is easy as it is light weight. The removal and assembling of the parts for wash is quite easy.

Most of the meat grinders are having the necessary accessories to carry out a variety of grinding chores. But it’s up to you as consumer to make the right selection by comparing the models with your budget. You also need to consider the features of each model while making note of your daily processing chores. http://www.meatgrinderexpert.com/